SEQC Study Case

Student Energy Quest Challenge (SEQC) will be in competition format where each group will be given the same case study related to the theme. The study case will be given to participants one-month prior final report submission; to finish the study case each group will be accompany by one mentor. Selected group to present in the final in front of the judges will be based on evaluation from mentors and CEIPS committee. Final presentation will be held on 08 August 2021.

The participants will be the students from SPE Student Chapters in Indonesia and IATMI Student Sections in Indonesia. The participants will be divided into 5 groups and each group consist of 3 students from different universities. Each group will be guided and advised by one mentor in order to finish the given study case. Judges representative will be coming from the one of the biggest electric vehicle and clean energy company (Tesla US), Indonesia’s energy technology developer and expert (Len Industry), and government representative from directorate general of oil and gas industry (ESDM).


The topic for SEQC 2021 is "The Race to Indonesia’s Future Automotive Landscape: How the Gasoline-Powered Car Responding the rise of Electric Vehicles". Here are 5 teams that will compete and present their project on the final stage of SEQC, 8 August 2021





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