Activities Recap May 2021

SPE Balikpapan Section successfully organized 8 events in May 2021.

1. Energy4me (English Bootcamp with EF and SMPIT Istiqamah)

Early education related to petroleum technology for junior high school grades 7-9. This event was held online on 8 May 2021 and interactively using experimental tools that were tested directly by participants from home guided by mentors during virtual classes. Collaborating with EF (English First) for the implementation of English Bootcamp (classes and quizzes to hone English skills). Interactive virtual learning for junior high schoolers on oil and gas technology. Students did hands-on experiments following the mentor's guidance through the online class, using the kit provided by SPE. In partnership with EF Balikpapan to provide online English Bootcamp as one of the learning sessions.



2. SPE Virtual Talks “Mahakam Well Intervention Past, Present, and Future”

On 8 May 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section held a webinar with the theme Mahakam Well Intervention: Past, Present and Future. We invite Mr Ronggo Putro and Mr Muhammad N. Jamal, Well Intervention Engineer from PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam. The presentation was explaining about the well intervention activities overview in Delta Mahakam, engineering and operational challenges in well intervention jobs and strategies implemented to overcame the challenges. Our speakers also delivered summary and kaleidoscope of numerous technological initiatives and innovations applied for offshore and swamp’s well intervention activities in Delta Mahakam during 2020. The webinar was attended by more than 56 participants.


3. Program Discussion University of Pattimura

On 11 May 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section held program discussion with University of Pattimura. This event aims to Expanding collaboration with University of Pattimura to inform scholarships, mutual cooperation, and technical exchange sessions. University of Pattimura is a public university in Ambon, Maluku.



4. Annual Report Submission

Balikpapan Section submitted activities highlights and report in 2020-2021 on 25 May 2021.


5. SPE indonesian series (SPE GAIA Talk on Sustainability: “Is There A Future for Oil And Gas In Net Zero World?”

The SPE Gaia Sustainability Program, created by HSE and Sustainability technical discipline of SPE International, aims to enable all individuals in the oil and gas industry to act in the service of sustainable socio-economic development to create actions to address the planet’s sustainability challenges. On 28 May 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section in collaboration with SPE Java Indonesia and SPE Sumatera Sections held SPE Indonesian Series Webinar with theme discussing about the transition in oil and gas industry to adapt with net zero policy and reduce global surface temperature to address the challenge of providing sustainable future with low-cost methane abatement solutions. The IEA (International Energy Agency) estimates annually over 79 million tons of methane is emitted, equivalent to more than 2 billion tons of CO2e. Clean and efficient combustion technology, such as methane incinerator, has shown impactful result in reducing GHG emissions by combusting the residual methane gas, providing lower methane emissions and other pollutants. The webinar is delivered by Audrey Mascarenhas, President and CEO of Questor Technology, Inc. and was attended by more than 45 participants.



6. Student Chapter Awards

SPE Balikpapan Section sponsors two student chapters: SPE Hasanuddin University Student Chapter and SPE STT Migas Balikpapan Student Chapter. This year, they achieve the 2021 Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter (PAOSC). This award is the highest honor a student chapter can receive. It recognizes the top 5 percent of eligible student chapters that are exemplary in the scoring categories. The award will be presented at the Virtual Student Award Session during SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition this September.

SPE Hasanuddin University Student Chapter receives this prestigious award four years in a row. SPE STT Migas Balikpapan Student Chapter receives this award for the first time after 17 years of its establishment in 2004. We send the highest appreciation to all parties (companies, speakers, volunteers, universities, local communities) that help us a lot during this unique time.


7. SPE Cares (Donation to Masjid Al-Huda KM24)

On 30 May 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section donated 20 cement bags to Masjid Al-Huda KM24, Balikpapan. The mosque's condition is still in progress of development and still needs a lot of materials. The building construction process is taking time because the builders are also Volunteers from local residents.


8. Petition 1 Kalimantan Institute of Technology submitted

On 31 May 2021, Kalimantan Institute of Technology submitted Petition 1 to establish Student Chapter with fully support from Balikpapan Section.


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