Activities Recap June

  1. SPE Virtual Talk (Advancing Gas Lift Well Design for Enhanced Production Optimization)

The majority of the world’s gas lifted wells are under-optimized. The incomplete production optimization, coupled with excessive intervention costs and risks, presents an opportunity to re-imagine gas lift well design and operating principles.On 4 June 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section held a virtual talk with topic Advancing Gas Lift Well Design for Enhanced Production Optimization which presented the development and adoption of this new approach to gas lift well design and production optimization. We invited speaker from Silverwell Energy: Mr Abdel Ben Amara, President of Middle East and North Africa, Mr Badroel Rizwan, Regional General Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The webinar was attended by 57 participants.


2. SPE Scholarship for Education Assistance Interview

12-13 June 2021, SPE Scholarship team interviewed some of the students from STT Migas Balikpapan, Institut Teknologi Kalimantan, Universitas Hasanuddin and Universitas Pattimura. This interview session is a part of the selection process in order to become a Scholarship Grantee. 



3. Student Chapter Thematic  Workshop and Visitation to Unhas and SPE Cares during  at Orphanage Al Dzakir

19 June 2021, some of our boards visited SPE Unhas SC and gave seminars about Membership and D&I. During visitation to SPE Unhas SC, SPE Balikpapan conducted SPE Cares Program at Orphanage Al-Dzakir Makassar. We donated cooking oil, sugar, rice, instan noodle and milk. 



4. SPE Scholarship for Education Assistance Interview Session 2

20 June 2021, the Scholarship team continued their interview session.



5. SPE D&I Townhall

24 June 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section got the opportunity to showcase our D&I activities in SPE International D&I committee quarterly town hall.  Ms. Gitani Tsalitsah and Ms. Francisca Putri, the representatives of SPE Balikpapan Section D&I committee, presented how we managed to include D&I initiatives in our previous programs in various audience levels (pre-university, university, young professionals, and professionals), as well as our upcoming programs.


6. SPE Distinguished Lecturer Virtual Visit (Big Data and Machine Learning in Reservoir Analysis)

The SPE Distinguished Lecturer program aims to provide SPE sections with outstanding speakers for section meetings, and to recognize the professional contributions of the selected Distinguished Lecturers. The program promotes SPE’s mission to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge for SPE members and non-members.

On 25 Jun 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section in collaboration with SPE Thailand and SPE Philippine Sections were honored to hold SPE Distinguished Lecturer Virtual Visit with theme Big Data and Machine Learning in Reservoir Analysis. Multiple well monitoring data from multi wells are valuable data source for reservoir analysis. Machine Learning algorithm application based on a feature-coefficient-target model which extended to multiwell testing and flow rate reconstruction is a promising tool to interpret well transient data. It also demonstrate adaptability to different kinds of reservoir modelling by predicting the pressure corresponding to rate history

The topic was presented by SPE Distinguished Lecturer: Roland N.Horne, Thomas Davies Barrow Professor of Earth Sciences at Stanford University, and Professor of Energy Resources Engineering and was attended by more than 87 participants from Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippine.

7. YP Luncheon - Working In the US Solar Industry and Lesson Learned

SPE Balikpapan section conducted Young Professional Luncheon with theme From Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy. The was presented by Mr. Alexander Pradana and was attended by more than 85 participants.

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