Activities Recap February 2021

SPE Balikpapan Section successfully organized 4 events in February 2021.

  1. SPE Oasys Competition

SPE Oasys is an oil and gas photography contest organized by SPE Balikpapan Section aimed to search potential photos for our internal use. Also, people were nowadays really surrounded with gadget and social media, thus we believed this kind of contest would be interesting. This contest was judged by three professionals in oil & gas industry and also in photography: Mr Pujo Rahmanto; Mrs Penny Laura and Mr Resa Boga Anasto. With tens of participants, this contest was a success and would become our annual event.

  1. SPE DL - Gas EOR Technology: Experiments and Modeling

On 2 February 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section held a webinar with the theme Gas EOR Technology: Experiments and Modelling. The webinar topics aim to address major challenges in IOR/EOR gas flood project, through lab experimental work, core flood, mainly the compatibility tests of reservoir fluid with different gas mixture. The topic was delivered by experienced Reservoir Engineering Advisor, Mr. Ahmad Al Hage and was attended by more than 35 participants.

  1. SPE Indonesia Webinar Series - Integrated Optimization of SIMOPS

Since 2020, SPE Balikpapan initiate an integrated webinar events named SPE Indonesia Series in collaboration with SPE Java Indonesia Section and SPE Sumatera Section. On 5 February 2021, the SPE Indonesian Series deliver a theme about the Integrated Optimization of SIMOPS on Jack Up Rig: A Case Study of Under Cantilever Operation initiatives in Mahakam Delta Operation which was attended by more than 40 participants. The webinar discussed about the innovation on the well intervention program design in a SIMOPS operation under cantilever of a Jack-Up Rig to aim for effective co-activities between well intervention and drilling operation activities in an offshore well platforms. The innovation bring significant improvement in efficiency on maintaining and improving well production, optimize and reduce the operational cost, improve well drilling and well production delivery, without any safety issues and lost time incidents. The event was presented by our Young Professional Member, Reyhan Hidayat, Well Intervention Engineer in Pertamina Hulu Mahakam.


  1. SPE DL Multiphase Flow Modeling for Production Optimization

On 26 February 2021, SPE Balikpapan Section held a webinar with the theme Multiphase Flow Modelling for Production Optimization. The event was delivered by our Young Professional members, Adnan Syarafi, Reservoir Engineer Team Leader and Abdel Deghati, Well Performance Team Engineer from Pertamina Hulu Mahakam. The topics discussed was addressing the implementation of multiphase flow in dynamic and steady-state modelling approach for well diagnostics and well production optimization in mature field with more than 200 active wells being produced on a daily basis. The well modelling approach create better understanding of well performance and give advantages in mature well condition by integrating big number of well data to give better decision making on well problems and support the field production targets. The webinar was attended by more than 35 participants.


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