2020 Distinguished Lecturer

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to join SPE International Distinguished Lecturer Live Webinar: 

    • Date/Time: Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 at 21.30 - 23.00 WITA (GMT+8).
    • ​Theme:​ ​“Production Optimization of Conventional and Unconventional Wells with ESP Real Time Data” 
    • Overview: 
      • ​Optimizing production has always been important, but there is naturally a greater focus on high rate wells, such as those produced with ESPs (Electrical Submersible Pumps). This presentation explains how real-time gauge data enables high-frequency, high-resolution downhole flow rate measurements on ESP wells. The presentation also reviews how real time data enables increases in well uptime and ESP run life as well as minimizing power consumption.  Theoretical methodology and real case studies are presented to illustrate the value of real time data for both conventional vertical wells and unconventional multifracked horizontal wells.  While the case studies are based on ESP applications, the lessons learnt on how to extract value from real-time data can be applied to other artificial lift techniques, especially since inflow characterization is generic.​ 

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