2019 Tribe Tour APOGCE

This tour is one series of event which in conjunction with SPE APOGCE 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. In this digital era, where we can reach everything online from the internet, we have an option to do our paper work while we enjoy ourselves in the nature.

This event will be held in two agendas, which are:

1. Life in co-working space of Hubud

  • Introduction of what is co-working space in digitalization era : background,      routine activities, how to join, necessary preparation for future prospect (retirement, career change,etc)
  • Gaining new experiences and creative thinking from new environment (outside oil & gas industry) to be applied in daily job

2. Social and Cultural Tour in Panurungan Village

  • Sightseeing around famous tourism spot(s)
  • Learning about Bali local culture






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